End of Life Option Act


California's End of Life Option Act entered into effect on June 9, 2016.  The law allows mentally capable, terminally ill patients to request "Aid in dying" - a prescription for a medication that will end their life at their own chosen time.


Purpose of this site

I have created this site to help people who are wanting to know more about the End of Life Option Act (EOLOA) and the possibility of accessing the help of physicians.  

My name is Jeffrey Levine, M.D.  I am a retired psychiatrist living in Orange County. After the passage of the EOLOA I became aware of the difficulty patients in Southern California with terminal illnesses were having accessing physicians who were available to help them.  I contacted Dr. Lonny Shavelson (Bay Area End of Life Options) to let him know that I was interested in making this service more available to people in my area.  Since then I have worked with Dr. Shavelson and his team to provide services similar to the work done at the Bay Area clinic to individuals seeking my help.  


For comprehensive information about EOLOA, access the web site of Bay Area End of Life Options.

Services Provided

1.  Answering questions about the provisions  of the law and course of implementation.

2.  Assisting patients in their efforts to communicate with their physicians to explore the possibility of having their treating physician assist with their end of life requests.

3.  Consultation with physicians who are wanting to know more about the law or are requesting support in their efforts to utilize the law for the first time.

4.  Working with patients to understand the options that exist for support and comfort during a terminal illness.  This includes familiarizing them with the benefits of palliative care and hospice services.

5. Helping patients access the assistance of doctors who are willing to participate in the EOLOA when their current physicians are unable to assist.  


If you would like to inquire further about my assistance, please fill out and submit the attached intake form. Once I receive this form, I will contact you directly.  You may also contact me through the options below with questions related to your situation.



fax 888-246-7981